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16 Mar, 2010
An overview of the Portfolio Activity Area.

Over the last few years the prominence of, and interest in, e-portfolios in all sectors of education has grown, driven in part by national policy and lifelong and personalised learning initiatives. The picture has often been a complex one, with confusion over what an "e-portfolio" is. More recently consensus is gathering, and clarity is being brought to the discussions, as our experience with using e-portfolio tools grows.

The term "e-Portfolio" often means different things to different people. Fundamentally an "e-portfolio" is the product created by learners, a collection of digital artefacts articulating experiences, achievements and learning:

"An e-portfolio is a purposeful aggregation of digital items - ideas, evidence, reflections, feedback etc. which "presents" a selected audience with evidence of a person's learning and/or ability"

(Text from the JISC site)

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