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e-Administration to support Teaching and Learning

16 Mar, 2010
An Overview of the projects in the e-Learning Programme focussing on the use of technology to support the administration of teaching and learning.

This area focuses on the less visible but essential area of administrative technologies to support learning and learners. The role of data administration in transition1 and progression, in the provision of learner services and in learners’ access to learning opportunities mean there is a significant cross-over between this area and Technology-enhanced learning environments. There are many ways in which learner-related data can be useful5 during teaching or learning support, and these need to be explored further. Institutions also need to know they are getting value for money from their investment in ICT systems.

e-Admin section of the JISC Web site

eXchanging Course Related Information site

Achievement information section of the JISC CETIS site

Learning Opportunities area of the JISC CETIS site


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