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16 Mar, 2010
An overview of the Structure and Approach of the programme and a link to the Assessment Area.

Assessment is a critical issue for post-16, higher education (HE) and the wider education community and is recognised within the Department for Education and Skills (DfES) unified e-learning strategy as fundamental to its success and as an important factor in delivering the new proposals. JISC recognised the importance of e-assessment for the UK education and research community in the late 1990’s as part of the groundbreaking work on Managed Learning Environments and work on standards. JISC realises that it has an important role to play through its work in this area. As more software suppliers and developers become involved in producing assessment products, so JISC is bringing the issues associated with this increasingly complex area to the attention of the communities that it serves.

An overview of the recent work funded by JISC in the Assessment area can be found on the JISC site.

Assessment Activity Area

(Text from the JISC site).

A collection of the resources (2004-2007) on the e-Learning Focus site in the Assessment area can be found at:

E-Learning Focus Assessment Resources

JISC CETIS Assessment pages


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