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Activity Area Overview

19 Sep, 2007
An overview of the current structure of the e-Learning Programme.

Programme Structure and approach

There are many challenging and complex dimensions to the adoption of e-learning. In order to realise its vision, the e-Learning Programme will therefore need to take a multi-dimensional approach, in which five areas of development activity are enhanced with three cross-cutting themes.

Priority Activity Areas

There are a number of issues that have been identified as priorities by the community, and by the HEFCE and DfES e-Learning Strategies, and these are reflected in five activity areas -

  • e-Assessment
  • e-Portfolios
  • Learning resources and activities
  • e-Administration for learning and teaching
  • Technology enhanced learning environments

These areas vary in their maturity, both in terms of how they are understood, and the stability of the technology and standards that have been developed at this stage in time. The programme will focus development work in these areas, and in the process will identify priorities, build on work that has already taken place, and support future planning activities.

Cross Cutting Themes

In order to be successful, the adoption of technology should be integrated at strategic, technical and business levels as well as at the level of learning and teaching practice. The programme is addressing this by underpinning its work with three thematic areas -

  • Strategy and Policy
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Technology and Standards

(from JISC e-Learning Programme vision statement)


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