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Queen Mary

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PROSPERO (PROcesses for Support of PErsonal development Records Online)is investigating requirements for interoperability between FE, HE and employer’s learning systems, to ensure that learners can make use of LIP compliant personal development records

Queen Mary PROSPERO project JISC web page
Link to PROSPERO project on JISC MLEs for Lifelong Learning Programme web page
Queen Mary PROSPERO Project Web Site
Link to main PROSPERO project web site
Queen Mary Equivalence Framework
This report outlines the thoughts and conclusions on the usage of an equivalence framework as part of the ODL’s PDP system. An equivalence framework is used to define the relationship between elements of skill sets and learning activities, as provided by educational institutions.
Queen Mary RDCEO Framework
The purpose of this document is to draw upon previous PROSPERO and JISC work, to begin to specify the data, the processes and the 'PLE' system that relate to skills/competencies and their relationship between employment and academia.
Queen Mary Requirements Analysis
This document (as a zip file) includes sample documentation of PDP processes in use in partner FE and employer organisations. The aim is to provide a picture of the current state of PDP (the processes and data) within FE, HE and industry.
Queen Mary Workplace learning PDP scenario
ODL Workplace based learning PDP scenario
Queen Mary PROSPERO Final Report
Final report from the PROSPERO project that investigated requirements for interoperability between FE, HE and employer’s learning systems

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