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Scenarios from the MLEs for Lifelong Learning projects

Scenarios Contract Agreement Process
Pre-registration, application and contract agreement process
Scenarios Learner with a Disability
Full–time learner with disability
Scenarios Mentoring Service to Support Learner Choices
The use of a mentoring service to support learners in their choice of ‘Next Course’ and ‘Next Institution’
Scenarios Registration Process
Registration process for part-time Foundation Degree students
Scenarios Scenario e-College Wales
Implementing the E-College Wales MLE – The Recruitment and Induction process
Scenarios Sharing Learner Resources and Learner Record Data
Sharing of Learner Resources and Learner Record Data electronically across institutions
Scenarios Student view of PDP
Student view of PDP moving from FE to HE context
Scenarios Using an e-portfolio to support transitions
The use of an e-portfolio to support transitions between episodes of Learning
Scenarios Workplace learning PDP scenario
ODL Workplace based learning PDP scenario

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