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Unleashing Enterprise Architectures report

Christina Smart
Last modified 18 Nov, 2009
Published 18 Nov, 2009
In August TechWatch published their report on the recent JISC Enterprise Architectures pilot projects. "Unleashing EA:Institutional Architectures and the value of joined up thinking" offers a comprehensive overview of the successes and challenges faced by the projects and discusses the applicability of the approach to Higher Education.

It's been a busy few months so I've only just got around to reading this report from the JISC Technology and Standards Watch team.

As ever they've produced a very readable report which intelligently discusses the issues around using Enterprise Architcture in the HE context. While all the institutions involved (Cardiff, King's College, Liverpool John Moores University and Roehampton) has some successes with the approach Roehampton stands out as being particularly enthusiatic about the approach.

The authors, Paul Anderson and Gaynor Backhouse, also argue for relabelling the approach for the HE sector, replacing "enterprise" which is very business oriented, with "institutional".

The report concludes with a couple of recommendations,

Recommendation 1: JISC should commission an in-depth evaluation of EA tools that are of potential use to HEIs.

Recommendation 2: JISC should consider amalgamating aspects of its work on low carbon ICT with its work on EA.

JISC's Enterprise Architecture work is being taken forward through the current Flexible Service Delivery Programme.

The full report is well worth a read and can be found at:


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